What Does Easter Really Mean? Muyiwa Shares His Personal Thoughts…

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All around the world, people are celebrating Easter. In many of those places, there are people who aren’t. Some believe Jesus lived, died and rose from the grave, others don’t believe at all.

While many debate the origins of Easter and the time that it is celebrated what cannot be denied is the significance of what is celebrated.

“For me Easter is a time for reflection and relaxation,” says Muyiwa.

“I generally try and escape the hustle and bustle of the celebrations we do in the UK. So I would take the opportunity to get away with the family and sleep! On the other hand my work as a broadcaster means as I prepare for the radio and TV programs for the period, I am reminded of the story of Easter.”

One thing that many of us struggle to comprehend is what Easter really means in the 21st Century world. Muyiwa has a different view and thoughts of eggs and bunny’s aren’t on the fore-front of his mind but rather, thoughts of those who are suffering…

“I have to say this particular Easter looking at all that’s going on in Cyprus, Nigeria, Syria, Egypt and the place that some of our brothers and sisters are I’m reminded of David in Psalms 57 which is not a typical scripture for the season. However what a lot of people are going through right now makes the Psalm significant especially when you consider it was written to the tune of ‘do not destroy’.”

For Muyiwa, Easter symbolizes liberation and freedom and that the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ are a gift to mankind and if truly understand can transform lives.

“It’s about freedom from and “bonded” to.,” Muyiwa explains. “Freedom from pain, low self-esteem, broken dreams, fear of tomorrow, fear of death, depression the list goes on… It’s about becoming a slave to the Master and His agenda over our own.

For some, they believe and have faith in God but somewhere along the line gave up on the commitment to Him… Others may not have committed at all but still believe and then there’s the church-going Christian who loves the Lord but struggles and finds it hard to live totally sold out for God. To them, Muyiwa says,

“Know that you are not the first and you won’t be the last to feel this way. When you consider that even Jesus our (ultimate example) said to the Father that sent Him (paraphrasing), ‘Father if it’s possible I don’t really want to do this…’ (when considering His fate on the Cross) but He overcame that. Then there was Thomas (who is synonymous with doubt) and the list goes on. Allow yourself to go through and realise that you cannot keep yourself but you are safe in the hands of God.”

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