What Can We Learn From Sir Alex Ferguson… A LOT!!!

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Sir Alex Ferguson, manager of “the biggest football club in the world” Manchester United FC earlier this week announced his retirement as manager of the most successful club in the English Premier League.

Sir Alex’s achievements have been phenomenal and there are many things to be learned from how he has conducted his professional management career.

After listening to the reports, facts and information that have been poured out over the last few days, below are few key points that we can all take on board and apply to our lives.

It takes time to build lasting success. Although Sir Alex Ferguson is the most decorated manager in football history, his start at Manchester United wasn’t as glorious and successful as it is today. The culture we seem to have adopted now is one where Gospel artist’s give more thought to marketing and not substance… You see this in how people focus on getting lots of YouTube views yet their sales don’t show up on any digital platform and their events are half empty.

You have to stick with it… The Bible is clear about “small beginnings,” even one of the greatest inventors we know of said “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”Thomas Edison. Had Sir Alex given up too soon he would not have become the champion of football and longest ever serving manager at the top flight.

It’s not about how smart you think you can be in getting into the right circle and writing with the right people; this isn’t normal music business this is Grace business; grace is given by God. Chase after Him more than the stars you want a leg up from. Sir Alex never let anything cloud his vision. No player was ever good enough to be “bigger than the team” and the vision/mission. Had Sir Alex been a people pleaser to gain favour and friendship, he would never have reached such heights of success.

Do you have a vision and a plan that in the face of adversity can spur you on to success? Do you have the resilience to bounce back after defeat like Sir Alex Ferguson did after losing out on the 2011/2012 English Premier League title to his biggest rivals Manchester City to (in the following season) win the league with games to spare? Are your motives right? Are you about the vision or about self? The answer will determine your levels of success.

In the end “seek and you will find” does what it says on the tin… You will always find what you’re looking for (money, fame etc). However when you find it (what you’re looking for) don’t complain if it’s not what you thought it would be (and like Bishop TD Jakes once said) “You got what you wanted but now do you want what you GOT?”

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