News Update: Exciting Things Happening With Muyiwa & Riversongz

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Can you sense the excitement? Can you see it on Muyiwa’s face? There have been lots of great things happening.

The “An Intimate Evening With Muyiwa” tour is still taking place around the country and Muyiwa has been hosting all kinds of events from “Imagine – A Celebration Of Cultures” which celebrates the cultural differences of Christian’s which in turn unifies us and gives a deeper insight into how and also why we all worship in the way that we do.

Muyiwa also led worship at iPraise24, a non-stop worship event that runs over a 24-hour period, with passionate worship from anointed worship leaders. During the course of the event people can come and go as they please or choose to stay for the entire 24 hours.

Muyiwa will also be speaking about his work within the Gospel music industry in the UK and his work with Riversongz in a brand new documentary spearheaded by New Rivers so be on the look out for that coming soon.

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