Muyiwa Hosts “Imagine – A Celebration Of Cultures”

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When Muyiwa isn’t touring around the world, filming new episodes of Turning Point or hosting one of the UK’s top radio shows on Premier Christian Radio he’s often called upon to host events.

His ability to immediately build a rapport with a crowd, his vast vocabulary and humble yet confident approach make him a great host

On Saturday 20th April 2013 Muyiwa (along with Dave Billbrough) hosted “Imagine – A Celebration Of Cultures” which was held at St Paul’s Church in Hammersmith, London.

The event is an innovative multicultural worship event, featuring multiple arts, languages and music styles and food stalls from different ethnic backgrounds.

It was a day to explore multicultural worship together, to inspire and equip the local church to celebrate its own varied cultural richness.

WEC’s Resonance team, Naujavan, Noel Robinson, Dan Bilbrough, Martin Neil and many more took part in the special event that is designed to unify the church and celebrate diversity in the church allowing it to bring us together and not tear us apart.

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